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Baby Room

Our focus first and foremost in baby room is to provide a calm and warm emotional environment for babies where they feel loved and cared for.

During this important phase, babies are exploring the world with all their senses and their whole bodies and so the activities and experiences we plan with our babies support and encourage children’s strong exploratory impulses.

“Babies build a picture of themselves from the way in which they are regarded and treated, particularly by those people who are closest to them.” (Dowling, M., 2005, Young Children’s Personal, Social and Emotional Development).

The most fundamental part of our role with babies is to make sure that this picture develops into a positive sense of identity. We do this by treating each child respectfully and as a unique individual. Tuning into the things that interest them and providing rich experiences which encourage development across all areas.

Emma, our Senior Baby Unit Supervisor has worked specifically with babies for over 10 years and is working towards her level 5 qualification in Leadership and Management, combining years of valuable experience of how babies develop into sociable and happy toddlers with a broad academic qualification pertinent to her role.

Relationships with parents are more important than ever at this early stage and we positively encourage this involvement, guidance and feedback. By adopting the ‘key person’ approach, we hope to make this communication as easy as possible for parents.

Described as “a way of working in nurseries in which the whole focus and organisation is aimed at enabling and supporting close attachments between individual children and individual nursery staff”[1], we believe the relationship between key person and families can give you the opportunity to share your child’s successes, struggles and milestones with someone you know is fully committed to working with you and your family.

[1] Elfer, P., Goldschmied, E., Selleck, D. 2003, Key Persons in the Nursery: Building Relationships for Quality Provision)