Keeping children safe at nursery

To ensure the safety of all children and staff in nursery we work as a team, completing many different safety tasks each day. All staff complete Daily Risk Assessment check indoor and outdoor which keeps safety at the front of everyone’s mind as children arrive to enjoy their day.

To support children to develop a sense of keeping themselves safe, we work together, children and adults, to carry out checks using a pictorial risk assessment system. As the children talk about the risk assessments alongside an adult, they identify potential hazards and check that the nursery play area and equipment is safe to use. This experience provides them with the opportunity to identify what a hazard is and to problem solve whilst putting safety measures into place. They learn that with effective measures in place, we can play together in a safe environment.

The team at nursery encourage children to enjoy a sense of freedom whilst still ensuring there are areas of manageable risk in play so they have opportunity to support the children to manage these. Today when completing their outdoor risk assessment, the Upper Pre-school children made great observations on some safety measures that need to be taken today. Caragh identified that the decking area had leaves on the surface which could be a slipping hazard. Tvarita saw the length of the grass in our fairy garden was long. Both children worked as part of a team to explore the outdoor environment. They supported each other’s ideas and devised solutions together.

After completing the risk assessment, we asked what we could do to prevent other risks. Tvarita and Caragh said that Brian could brush the decking to remove the leaves, so we all decided that the children would help Brian brush the deck and make the area safe. The children got to work brushing the area, tidied the garden of any litter that had blown in and dried all the equipment that became wet in the rain. This helped the children to develop a sense of pride in their achievements and promoted caring for our environment.

We are extremely proud of our children at the Village and we will continue to support them to develop their confidence and capability to make safe decisions in their play.

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