Harris’s settling in story

At the Village Nursery we are passionate about how we introduce children and families to our nursery, making sure we support each of them individually. As a mum myself I understand it is often parents that are more anxious than the little ones. For many years now we have had an effective system of offering and encouraging home visits to our new families. Below is Harris’s story about joining the Village Nursery and how our home visit process supported him.

As key person to Harris, Bella went along for the home visit, joined by Cara our Assistant Manager. As they arrived everyone was introduced (putting faces to names after telephone introductions) and Harris was enjoying a tasty snack. This was a great opportunity to sit and discuss his stage of eating and help us get to know the foods that he particularly enjoys and discuss nursery menus in more details.
Bella was able to see how Harris communicates with his family at home in an environment where he is comfortable and happy as he confidently let mum and dad know when he wanted more food and of course when he was done and ready to play!

Bella took along a lovely basket full of sensory items to introduce to Harris. This was a perfect choice as mum shared their visits to sensory classes which is something they enjoy doing together. Harris and Bella played together, building the start of a respectful and nurturing relationship. Cara was then able to sit and discuss nursery life with both mum and dad as they felt more relaxed seeing Harris become more comfortable with Bella. Before leaving, everyone agreed a date for their first settling visit to nursery making sure Bella would be available to introduce the family to the rest of the team and of course to the children.

Harris continued to have a number of visits over the coming weeks at varying points throughout the day, in time mum felt ready to take a step back and leave Haris with us for short periods of time knowing they had both built trust that Bella was the perfect Key person.

Here’s what Harris’s family had to say:
“Harris has really settled well into nursery. I am so pleased with how much he has come along already. Nursery was brilliant with his settling in period and they are always happy to take my phone call sharing information about his day. I was really worried about Harris sleeping in nursery but Bella has been great at settling him down for his naps and this has actually really helped us at home with his routine. He enjoys the lovely food at nursery and is always so happy everyone.”

During our last inspection, Ofsted praised how we manage change for children and said:
“An outstanding key person system is implemented by practitioners who have an exemplary understanding of how strong relationships promote children’s wellbeing. This ensures that children develop strong, secure attachments early in their care and receive consistently high levels of support at all times.”

We believe this foundation of home visits, gentle settling in processes and open communication with families are key to ensuring our children thrive and enjoy nursery from the earliest stage.

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