Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is most definitely a day of celebration and it is only befitting that we honour all the hard work our Mummy’s, Grandma’s, Nana’s and Carers do too.

Saturday 25th March saw us throw open our doors to welcome the over-two’s families to our very own Mother’s Day event and what a wonderful day we had!

The sun was shining as the team arrived at nursery to complete our final preparations to the day, especially moving all of the activities we had planned for inside and taking them outside…well we definitely had to take advantage of the glorious weather!

We soon had lots of families here and the children excitedly began to dig into the trays full of soil, using spades and plant pots to take part in our Sunflower seed planting activity.

Decorating biscuits is always a popular activity and the children (and Mummy’s) enjoyed carefully piping icing and sticking decorations onto their little Gingerbread men before sharing them with each other, or perhaps just eating them themselves!

We had creative activities galore, with painting, colouring and playdough making: all using lots of pretty colours and of course an abundance of glitter! The Dragonflies team entertained everyone with their balloon modelling session making lots of models on request including: flowers, dogs and swords! Never ones to let people go hungry, our families were well fed with scones and jam, and when the children had run out of Gingerbread men to decorate, they began to decorate the scones too!

As we know, physical exercise is a great and necessary part of our everyday life, so what better way to get physical than with an “En Masse” dancing session!! The team all took to the floor whilst DJ Naomi played party classics such as “Superman” and “I am a Music Man” and encouraged everyone to join in with us (it didn’t take much)!! What great fun we had showing off our dance moves before Mo led everyone in a Conga around the garden!

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