Robots in Pre-school

In our Pre-school room we have been embracing technology with our interest in robots. We have used our knowledge and understanding of the world to investigate and discover what robots are made from. The children have been studying different materials such as wood, plastic, and metal and then suggesting which material would make the best robot.

They have learnt all about shapes and used lots of mathematical language to discover new unknown shapes such as octagons, pentagons, and even a trapezium. The children have used this new found knowledge to help create their own shape robot pictures using their hand-eye co-ordination, fine motor skills and colour and shape knowledge.

We have all worked as a team to collectively make our very own pre-school robot called Brian using lots of glue and silver foil to make him look metallic.

The children were very excited when a brand new robot paid us a visit. The children were fascinated when “Disco robot” showed us how to go backwards and forwards, left and right.

The children told us that the robot needed batteries to make it move and you had to switch it on to make it work. We have even been talking and moving like robots, using our bodies to make robot-like movements.

During this interest the children have gained so many valuable skills including scientific language, shape knowledge, understanding of technology and different materials and what they may be used for. What a wonderful time we’ve had discovering!

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