Settling Into Nursery

Starting nursery is a huge step for both baby and parents. At The Village Nursery we make sure the transition from home life to nursery life is as smooth as possible for both baby and parents. Over the past few weeks in Daisies we have had lots of home visits and settling in sessions. We have found these to be vitally important to settling children into nursery life well.

Key Person

In line with the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework, every setting must have a key person system in place and at The Village Nursery we feel that this is paramount to children settling into nursery. Each child and their family will be allocated a key person at nursery. This person will help the child become familiar with the new environment and to feel safe and confident within the setting. Their main aim will be to develop a strong bond with the child and their family.

Home Visits

As a nursery we offer home visits to parents whose children will be starting nursery shortly. A home visit is the perfect opportunity for the child’s new key person to get to know the child and family in their own home, the child’s own environment, where they are most relaxed. We feel that the relationship between parents and key workers is such an important one and parents find it much more comfortable to talk to staff members one on one for the first time within their homes. This helps so much when the parents are feeling nervous on their child’s first day at nursery; they have someone familiar to talk to.

Settling In Sessions

We offer settling in sessions to parents which happen in the weeks before their baby is due to start nursery. The first session is usually an hour long and this is when the parents and key worker discuss the baby’s routine and needs whilst at nursery. This first session is a great opportunity for the baby to explore the new environment with the support of their parents. The next couple of sessions are usually around 2 hours long and if the baby is settled the parents are encouraged to leave the room to help baby become accustomed to the nursery environment.

Feedback from Parents

“I love the idea of the home visits and I feel that it really benefitted Isla when settling in.”

“It was good to see my daughter and her new key worker meet and play in her own environment.”

“I loved the home visit, I think that they work really well.”

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