Learning Through Play – Winter Wonderland

Our Caterpillars Room has been turned into a winter wonderland. The team have created a snowman winter board, hanging snowflakes, perching robins and reindeer prints dangling across the room. The children have loved the winter activities including snow play, snowy footprints, pine cone decorating, scented play dough and Christmas card making. Whilst creating a winter wonderland we have learnt many new things about this season but we have discovered many new things that we can do too!

  • We learnt that trying to stick cotton wool onto our snowman was really hard as it preferred to stick to our fingers!
  • We never thought that making our robin decorations would mean we spent most of our time playing in the glitter and exploring new textures
  • We found polar bears and penguins hiding in our snow play activity, made them stomp across the snow, pretended to be them and we made “Rawr” and “Grrr” noises
  • We dipped our hands into brown paint and some of us squashed it through our fingers! We printed onto paper to make reindeer antlers and some of us didn’t realise it would tickle so much.

The big cloud on our winter board is made with shaving foam and some food colouring. We didn’t like the look of it, but with Lauren’s encouragement we felt brave enough to smell it, so we touched it and now we love it!

We made the grown-ups smile as we played together, made new friends and shared with each other.

During our winter play activities each child has progressed in more ways than we had planned.  They loved getting messy, exploring and seeing their work displayed for their carers to enjoy. All activities have helped our children’s development, they are always creating new relationships and bonds, their communication skills are developing, confidence is continuing to blossom, physical skills are always progressing and their rapid learning is constant.

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