Moving Rooms

When your child is ready to move on to the next room our team want to help you and your child as much as possible. Children learn and thrive best when they are happy, safe and secure. Moving rooms can be a challenging and exciting time for you and your child. There are new faces to meet and new places to explore!

We already have a very strong policy in place to support transitions. You can find more about this in a couple of articles:

We are always looking for ways to improve our practice and make transitions a little easier for everyone! Our team has been using a variety of strategies including:

  • Story Time
  • Transition Bags
  • Chatterboxes


The team has begun to swap rooms at circle time. For example when our Dragonflies team know they have a child moving up from one of our toddler rooms they will send a member of their team who will share stories and songs from our Dragonflies Room.

This enables children to not only get used to the new carers but also the routine at circle time. This helps children to feel more confident in their new room when they get there and are familiar with the songs and routines already.

Some of you may have already helped your child create a Chatterbox at home. Not only are these a great tool to support a child’s communication and language, they also help support children to settle in a new room. Your child sharing their Chatterbox is a great way to bond with their new key person. A Chatterbox is a decorated shoe box with favourite toys, books, photos of family and days out. If you and your child haven’t made one already ask our staff for more information.

Some of the rooms have been trialling transition bags. This is a bag sent home with the child containing photos of their new room and practitioners so they can talk at home with their parents and carers about where they will be playing, learning, eating, and sleeping. The trials have proved to be very effective and the other rooms will be making their very own transition bags to help children when they move.

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