Home Links

What is a home link?

A home link is part of the system that we use to work collaboratively with parents and families. A strong relationship between families and nursery is essential – not only does this matter for children’s outcomes during their early childhood years, but the benefits persist over time.

Benefits of home links:

  • Improved communication
  • Great parent partnership
  • Better outcomes for children
  • Fewer barriers to involvement
  • Improved achievement and behaviour

Parent Partnership

As practitioners, we build up expertise in how young children learn and how each child operates within our setting. But it is the parent who knows their child best so by working together in partnership, this results in the best outcomes for each child.

Learning is complex; it begins at birth and continues throughout life. Parents are the first teachers and role models for their children, and therefore have a strong influence on their learning.

What practitioners do with your home links

Parents can send their observations through our online assessment system ‘Tapestry’, they can tell their child’s key person verbally or they can fill out one of the Home Links forms.

Once we receive your home links, your child’s key person will then read through it and comment on it, explaining what they will do to further support your child’s development based on that link.

For example – a child has a home link about looking at a water fountain in the Trafford Centre as well as having an interest in fish, due to being at their grandparents’ house. The child’s key person has then expanded on this activity by planning water play with sea animals and with a variety of funnels.


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