Our Wire Wheel Kitchen

In our Toddler Room we have created a new “Wire Wheel Kitchen” to meet everyone’s development stage and capture lots of interests currently in our room.


The Wire Wheel Kitchen is filled with spoons, baskets, utensils, pretend fruit and vegetables, conkers, sink and taps, funnels, jugs and pans. Our kitchen is at the perfect height to make it accessible to all children at different developmental stages, whether it’s pulling to stand, floor play or standing / walking. We have created the kitchen with very few limitations to how the children play so they are able to choose how they want to learn.

Our practitioners use adult led play in order to model ways of playing such as cooking, weighing and stirring so that the children can watch, learn and copy. As always, some of our children are exploring on their own, at their own developmental level, creating their own play experiences.


Some of the learning that we loved seeing was exploring the different fruits and vegetables using all of their senses; we added some real fruit too which surprised them all! They also scooped and poured conkers from one container to another and back again, and we have witnessed lots of newly learned vocabulary.

Our kitchen has been made to create as much open-ended learning as possible from role play to mathematics. We have loved watching our children create new experiences for themselves and discover new ways to play with encouragement and praise from Charlotte, Lauren and Shannon.

We have seen amazing development in a short space of time. We have been using our jugs for pouring, pans for cooking, utensils for feeding the dolls and also taps, sink and washing up liquid (with the shhhhh noise for the water!!) to wash our pots. The children have started to recognise and find objects from the kitchen when asked, and even if they are not yet communicating verbally they understand and demonstrate this by their actions.

It has been brilliant to see how our children have learned and practised some amazing sharing skills. There has been a lot of social interaction with staff and friends during play and they have independently explored and collectively been fully engaged in the Wire Wheel Kitchen.


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