Nursery Rhyme Week in Pre-school

Our pre-school children thoroughly enjoyed ‘Nursery Rhyme Week’ which we celebrated recently. We started by choosing songs which we have been learning and enjoying. At carpet times we interacted with each other using puppets to help with maths skills. We sang one of our favourite songs ‘five currant buns’ and then baked our very own currant buns – we weighed the ingredients, estimated, talked, measured, whisked and poured. We used lots of new vocabulary and shared our own knowledge of baking whilst singing our song.



After learning our pizza song we used pictures as prompts to enhance our singing, then went on to make our very yummy pizzas using all of our favourite ingredients. We spread our tomato sauce, sprinkled lots of cheese and added our favourite toppings of mushrooms, onions, peppers and sweetcorn. We then carried them carefully down to the kitchen to cook in the oven for tea time. In the afternoon we set up a lovely picnic and ate our delicious pizzas.


‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ was a very exciting day as we all brought our own torches in from home, switched the lights off and watched as we shone our torches on the ceiling. We made lots of patterns and shadows around the room, danced around to our favourite Disney songs and got very physical.


After talking about the moon we sang the song of Aikin Drum and the children had to decide what Aikin Drum was made of, using great language skills and imagination. As a follow on from this we all made our own Aikin Drums using various different foods. We explored our senses whilst doing this and especially enjoyed tasting the lovely healthy foods.

For our finale on Friday the children all dressed up as princes and princesses and we read fairy tales involving princes, princesses, kings and queens then using the royal puppets we sang the ‘Princess Long Ago’ song. Everyone joined in enthusiastically with the actions using hand and eye coordination and timing.


With great dexterity we carefully stuck our sparkling jewels onto our crowns and then all chose a colourful ribbon and danced around the room together to our favourite prince and princess songs. We had a very busy and exciting few days during ‘Nursery Rhyme Week’ and it was a great experience. And for now … we have lots more songs to learn in pre-school!


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