National Nursery Rhyme Week

During National Nursery Rhyme week from 7th-11th of November, our toddler room held a singing event where parents were invited to come along, join in and listen to some of their children’s favourite songs.


Singing encourages children to express their emotions and promotes their communication and language skills. During our singing event we used different tones, facial expressions and movements. This encouraged both the children and parents to take part and, as a result of this, new interests have been formed within the room, providing us with more learning opportunities.

Some of our children have been going home singing songs that parents are unfamiliar with, so this event was perfect for them to get to know the songs. We also put together a small song booklet for all the parents to take home. The event took place over two days, one session in the morning and one in the afternoon; this provided more flexibility for parents to attend.

Parents were asked to share some of their children’s favourite songs from home. One was ‘Old MacDonald had a Farm’ which allowed the children to explore different sounds. To further the children’s interest we have created a home link bag for them with a story book with the different animal pictures and sounds. We have also created wooden spoons with animals on them for the bag to help develop the children’s communication and language skills and extend their interest.

Providing parents with the opportunity to come along and get involved with their children’s day to day life at nursery helps them to understand what their child does and also what we do as practitioners to help their children develop. Working in partnership with parents allows us to gain a better understanding of the individual child and aids us in planning ahead for their future development.

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