Animals, Toddlers and our Sensory Farm

After following our toddlers’ interests this month we have based our planning around animals. Many of our children have visited the zoo, had days out to farms or aquariums, and many have pets at home.


In our Caterpillar Room we have created a sensory farm to help create first hand experiences and help develop our language and communication skills. In our sensory farm we have a variety of farm animals, hay, water, a farm house and blocks to make pens. To help create the farm’s natural surroundings we have also added grass and small logs.


In our activity the children can use imaginary play, build with blocks which helps hand eye co-ordination and include lots of counting and matching with the animals, which also helps to develop children’s mathematics skills. Through this activity our main focus is the development of language and communication. To help promote language skills from babbling to words we encourage our children to talk using the enjoyment of play. We have learnt lots of animal noises and, by using group and individual song time, rhymes and discussion. This is beginning to help us to develop early stages of speech.


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