Transitions: starting nursery, leaving for school and changing rooms

Transitions are important for children whether it’s starting nursery, moving up to the next room or moving on to school. Transitions can provide exciting opportunities and new challenges for children. The way that transitions are handled can have a significant impact on children, short and long term. Effective transitions can provide opportunities to help children develop self-worth, confidence and the capacity to be resilient in the process of dealing with change.
Staff at The Village Nursery support children appropriately by ensuring that transitions are effective, positive and meaningful. Partnership working with parents is the key to supporting effective transitions. Parents support staff in getting to know children well, and staff support parents as they adjust to change.
Staff support babies and young children with transitions by:

  • Building routines that are familiar and welcoming
  • Working closely with other adults who are involved with the child and ensuring that effective and on-going communication takes place
  • Inviting parents to stay with the child as they adjust to the new environment
  • Encouraging children to bring a familiar object from home, such as a teddy or blanket
  • Providing opportunities for discussion, stories and play, helping children to express their feelings
  • Providing opportunities for siblings who attend the setting to see one another regularly throughout the day
  • Setting aside time to plan for and ensure smooth transitions
  • Recording shared memories that can be revisited to provide a sense of continuity
  • Ensuring experiences are provided which reflect their home life and culture.

Buttercups and Daisies have recently welcomed 8 babies. The children and their families are assigned a key person and a backup key person who will support the children to settle in by offering a home visit and by providing plenty of settling in visits. During these visits, parents have the opportunity to stay and play with their child and get to know their key person, to build a good parent partnership. This is also a fun time for the baby and parent to explore their new environment!
Also, children from both baby rooms have recently transitioned to their new toddler room. When transitioning to another room, the parents and the child are introduced to their new key person and they are shown their new environment. The child will then start to go to sleep on one of our toddler beds in their new room! They will also have plenty of opportunities to enjoy visits to explore their new environment, meet their new friends and interact with their key person.
Some comments from parents:

‘At such a challenging time in my life, you made this transition easier than I could ever imagine, and for that, I’ll remember you always.’


‘The Village brought professionalism, dedication and empathy, not to mention the genuine joy to spend time with my daughter.’


‘We just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the love, care and support you have given since she joined Daisies. Thank you for helping her to make a positive start at The Village and for getting her ready for the next stage… Toddlers, eeek!’

Buttercups and Daisies (our baby room teams) would like to thank all the parents and families for their on-going support, involvement and feedback.

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