Employee of the month

Recognising the hard work and dedication of our staff team is really important. We have many incentives in place to acknowledge this, with Employee of the Month being one of them.


We believe we have had some very deserving winners with the most recent being Mo! Here’s just a couple of reasons she is a deserving winner:

  • Mo spends lots of time making careful plans for the children. She takes time out of her own schedule to research and plan endless activities to continue from her all-important next steps supporting children’s learning
  • Thinking outside the box seems to come naturally to Mo; recently she identified a new child that was struggling to settle. This family also has EAL (English as an additional Language). Recognising the family‚Äôs anxiety Mo arranged for another parent to meet them and share their experiences. This has proved to be a great support for the family and some great steps have been made with the relationships between the family and our team.

Congratulations Mo, very well deserved!

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