Our new toddler garden

vtgWelcome to our fantastic new Toddler Garden!

The sun is shining, the children are excited and eager, so what better time to get out and explore our brand new outdoor space.

The children immediately spotted the Water Tray, and soon busied themselves filling, emptying and splashing in the bubbles and laughing excitedly as the water poured through the funnels.
Lots of very wet, but very happy children later and it was time to see what else we could do. Erin and Liam soon spotted a large Lorry and headed over for a closer look, pointing and chatting to each other.

Our children from the Caterpillar’s room soon came out and joined us. All the children had a lovely, noisy time singing and playing with the musical instruments, Theon particularly enjoyed making sounds with the Shakers.

All this outdoor play had certainly worked up an appetite and what better way to dine than al fresco!
Not only were the children very hungry, but all the fresh air must have worn them out too, so we decided to let them sleep outside, “Glamping” under our wonderful outdoor canopy. The children were all quickly asleep, recharging their batteries for more outdoor fun and games later!

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