The Thirsty Lion – a poem by Claire Oxley

poem1nfThe Lion is thirsty, he’s hidden his drink
Where could it be…hmmm, let’s have a think…
It’s out in the garden buried in sand
We’re going to need to dig it out by hand.

The Lion is hungry, but he’s hidden his dish
If he’s to find it, he’ll have to make a wish.
“I wish that I could find my bowl.”
“I think it is hiding on top of a pole!”

It’s time to play, now where is my dolly?
It’s over there asleep in the trolley.
The sleepy Lion yawns “Oh where is my blanket? It’s time for bed.”
“Why it’s over there beside our shed.”

Before we go, it’s time for a book
To the story corner and take a look!

This poem was written by Claire for the toddlers. The children had a lovely time listening to it and as you can see great fun exploring its verses.

thirsty lion

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