Rebecca’s mark-making experience

Rebecca from our Baby Room, aged 16 months, has a new found interest in her ability to make marks using a variety of materials. On a recent outdoor adventure we gave Rebecca some chalk and encouraged her to make marks on the outdoor chalking board. She loves chalking and spends a lot of time exploring the marks she can make on other surfaces.

From this activity Carly planned some further opportunities for Rebecca to make marks using materials other than chalk. Rebecca tried out some crayons with some large sheets of paper. She used her tummy muscles to support herself as she lay down making marks on a much larger scale. We love to see learning and development activities combining with physical development.

With a variety of paints Rebecca began to make marks ‘dabbing’ around the paper. She then turned over her hand (palm side up) and began to cover this in paint. She released the paint brush and very carefully examined her hand before touching it with her other hand. Rebecca moved her hand to her face where she very gently rubbed the paint across the side of her face in a circular motion. She examined her hand a little further before shouting ‘more!’ asking for more paint.

As part of Rebecca’s next steps Carly has planned to use Gloop (corn flour & water). This will encourage Rebecca’s interest in making marks as well as her interest in textures and her curiosity to use them both together.

Rebecca painting nf

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