OFSTED Inspection: Outstanding in all areas!

os logoWe are absolutely delighted to announce that we have been awarded an Outstanding by Ofsted in every area. Following an unexpected inspection in October, we were really pleased when, at the end of her visit, the inspector informed us that she would be unable to give the normal detailed feedback as there are just too many strengths and wonderful aspects to the nursery that it would take all night!

Her overwhelming impression was that she could tell very early on in her visit that the Village Nursery was a fantastic place for young children and it was very obvious how happy the children were in every room.

Perhaps one of the nicest things though from the report is the emphasis on how strong relationships are with parents. It says:

“An outstanding key person system is implemented by practitioners who have an exemplary understanding of how strong relationships promote children’s wellbeing. This ensures children develop strong, secure attachments early in their care and receive consistently high levels of support at all times. Comments made by parents such as, ‘I trust them totally’, ‘It’s like a second home’, and ‘It’s not just a job to them’, demonstrates the nursery’s success in building robust relationships.”

So thank-you to our wonderful parents, children and of course incredible staff team as the nursery continues to go from strength to strength, making a lasting and positive impact on the children and families who come here.

Here’s the link to the full report….we’d love to hear any feedback (be warned, it’s quite lengthy!)

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