Ciara’s video about nursery food

Here’s Ciara talking about “Loraine’s Sweet and Sour Pork recipe.”

Ciara had been speaking to her parents about this dish and we suggested that they take away the recipe and try it for themselves at home. Mum took away the recipe and then sent us a video of Ciara’s proud moment when she sat down to eat the delicious food she had made.

Preparing food is part of our daily routine at nursery. The children help to butter their own toast in the morning and even make their own sandwiches at teatime. They also help to cut up fruit and vegetables and are regularly involved in different food themed activities.

We find out about a child’s preferences and dietary requirements before they start nursery and if your child has a dietary requirement such as a food allergy or is a vegetarian we make sure these are clearly labelled in each room and in the kitchen also. Parents are given regular feedback about their child’s food preferences and practitioners are always on hand to give advice on difficult periods such as: weaning and fussy eating.

We welcome parents feedback on our menus and regularly make changes according to this. We love to share our recipes with parents and do this through social media sites and regular parent events where they get to sample different dishes.

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