Pre-school’s visit to the War Museum

As many of our pre-school children are getting ready for their new adventure into ‘big school’, we planned a visit to the Imperial War Museum.

The children were all very excited about our trip especially as they thought they were just like Bob the builder wearing their high-viz jackets!

During our walk to the Museum we talked about the things we could see and hear along the way. The passing traffic was the biggest talking point as we spotted everything from bikes to double decker busses and lots of refuse collection trucks! At every  crossing the children beamed as they thanked the waiting traffic that allowed us time to cross the road.

wm2When we arrived at the Museum the first thing we spotted was a great big Tank! The children were full of questions as they wanted to know how the soldiers climbed inside, why they had so many wheels and many more!

wm1Once we were inside the museum, the children took part in interactive activities, guessing smells and trying on different outfits. The most popular part was the trip in the elevator to the ‘viewing platform’. The children were able to see for miles around the Trafford park area and the Media City site. We talked a lot about the buildings that we could see. After a spot of lunch we then headed back to nursery to share our adventure with the other children.

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